Coronation Street's Elle Mulvaney and Tanisha Gorey confirm stars have returned to soap set after Covid break

CORONATION Street's Elle Mulvaney and Tanisha Gorey confirmed the cast has returned to the soap after it took a break during the coronavirus pandemic.

Elle and Tanisha, both 18, shared photos from their dressing rooms last night after they returned to their roles as Amy Barlow and Asha Alahan respectively.

Elle grinned in a selfie snap on Instagram, whilst Tanisha enjoyed a cup of tea before filming, with the pair looking happy to get back to work.

ITV bosses suspended both Emmerdale and Coronation Street last month so they could rewrite scenes.

The Sun also revealed there was a coronavirus outbreak on the Yorkshire set of Emmerdale, which resulted in a deep-clean and a pause in filming.

Crew on both soaps were told to down tools – with Corrie suspending all work to give the production a chance to refresh, having worked relentlessly through the coronavirus crisis.

The show's script writers are having to rewrite scenes, which are now proving impossible due to pandemic rules – such as those including kissing and fighting.

Bosses also say they will revisit both show's health and safety requirements to ensure all of the cast and crew remain in good health.

A source said: “It’s been a really hard year for both soaps. They’ve had to work through the most difficult period in television history.

“Everyone has decided that a break is in order, which is almost unprecedented.

“The storyliners plan a long way in advance, and there's certain things they'd have hoped they could write in for later in the year.

"But scenes that involve kissing, fighting and anything that really breaks social distancing are out for now. So there's had to be rewrites.

"Both soaps have the best writers in the business, so they're going to use this time to refresh, take stock, and have a think about how they can tell the stories in the best and safest way."

An ITV spokeswoman said: “Coronation Street will pause filming from next Monday, 25 January for two weeks to undertake some rewriting of stories and scripts as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

"We will also be taking the opportunity to review all health and safety requirements to ensure we continue to provide a safe working environment for the cast, crew and production team.

"This pause in filming won't affect our ability to deliver six episodes of Coronation Street each week."

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