Corrie fans floored at Fizs out of order Tyrone demand as they fear abuse twist

The festive fallout between Corrie favourites Fiz and Tyrone has taken a new twist – and it's not pretty.

The former couple were front and centre of the drama during the Christmas Day episode, with a fumbled kiss and a fight worthy of Bridget Jones' Diary.

A tipsy Tyrone (Alan Halsall) got slightly too stuck in to the festive spirits and decided to try to kiss Fiz (Jennie McAlpine).

Fiz's new man Phill Whittaker ((Jamie Kenna) was unimpressed, and he and Ty came to blows.

Their 'fight' spilled onto the cobbles with water guns, and inflatables used to goad each other before finally calling a truce and enjoying the Christmas market singalong.

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On Monday night's episode, Fiz and Phill decided it was time to move in with each other at his home, as it's big enough to home a goat in the garden.

Fiz broke the news to a deflated Ty but she later visited the flat and delivered another bombshell.

As Fiz discussed her new home plans and the money it would entail, she said: "But I have got money tied up in our house – in number nine."

While Tyrone told her that he wasn't in the best financial shape to buy her out currently, Fiz told him: "I know, that’s not what I meant.

"I want to sell the house."

Tyrone wasn't the only one with his jaw on the floor, as soap viewers too to social media to wonder how Fiz was even able to have a say after Jack and Vera Duckworth left the house to their honorary son.

"It's not Fiz's house to sell it's Tyrone's house," said one.

Another fumed: "Jack and Vera left that house to Tyrone, Tyrone and Fizz were never married she has not right to sell the house, and hasn't invested money into the house as no mortgage had to be paid, she has paid bills which would have had to be done anyway so let Fizz leave and Tyrone move back in – simple."

"I know him going off with Alina was terrible, however, her selling that house is bang out of order. That was Jack and Vera's. It means so much to Tyrone," another said.

"Fiz wants to sell the house. Jack and Vera would be turning in their grave #Corrie," wrote another.

However, some viewers think Fiz is being manipulated by her new boyfriend Phill, and there has already been plenty of speculation that the newcomer could become emotionally abusive and controlling over Fiz.

One fan posted: "Fiz is going to taken for a ride."

Another added: "Fiz don’t sell the house so you can get a goat #Corrie Phil is about to scam you."

A third said: "Corrie has that Phil has a dark side? He just seems to be too good to be true. A manipulator perhaps or an abusive partner?"

A fourth agreed: "I can't figure Phil out, what do you recon he's upto? not sure something not right."

Coronation Street continues with an hour long episode tonight (Tuesday 28 December) at 9pm

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