Corrie fans predict cheating storyline for Asha Alahan after Nina Lucas romance

Coronation Street fans are speculating that Asha Alahan might be starting a surprise affair.

Asha, who has been dating Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) for the past two years, seems to be getting quite close to newcomer Isla, leading fans to predict some heartbreak and drama for the couple.

Asha (Tanisha Gorey) has recently started training as a paramedic and is being mentored by her experienced colleague, Isla. In an episode aired on November 15, Nina, Asha and Aadi had lunch with Isla, where it seemed like Isla was flirting with Asha, much to Nina's annoyance.

Fans are now convinced that Asha will cheat on Nina in a shocking affair storyline. On X, previously known as Twitter, one viewer wrote: "I see a cheating storyline coming up." Another fan commented: "Asha is gonna end up breaking Nina's heart isn't she."

This potential new cheating storyline could come as a surprise to Tanisha, who plays Asha as she previously expressed her hope that the couple wouldn't face any infidelity in a chat with What to Watch

"We don't need a cheating story. Not everyone needs to cheat in a relationship. But it's a soap, we need the drama, we need something. But cheating should not be on the cards. Let's hope that's not the case," she said.

Corrie has seen its fair share of infidelity plots this past year. Recently, Daisy was unfaithful to her fiance Daniel with Ryan. The pair struggled to resist each other and were nearly caught out last week by Daniel.

Before this, Daniel shared his suspicions about Ryan and Daisy with his dad Ken Barlow (William Roache). Ken advised him to be careful, warning him he could lose everything if things went wrong.

Daniel later confronted Ryan, demanding to know what was happening between him and Daisy. It was then that Ryan confessed his love for Daisy, admitting he'd felt this way for months.

Later, Daniel asked Daisy to tell the truth, leading to a heated argument. He insisted she show proof of where she'd been, but Daisy managed to hide her tracks. Daniel seemed satisfied and quickly apologised to Daisy. A few hours later, he revealed his latest surprise move – he'd made an offer on Elaine's old flat to move in.

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