Dean Cain says he's writing an idea for a Lois and Clark revival

The beauty of our era of endless reboots and revivals is that many abruptly canceled shows get the chance to finally tie up their dangling plot threads and unresolved cliffhangers, providing long-yearned-for closure to their loyal viewers. And Dean Cain would very much like to deliver that closure to Lois & Clark fans.

The actor, who played Clark Kent/Superman on the ABC show, has previously voiced his desire to revive the series, which famously left viewers hanging in 1997. (ABC canceled a planned fifth season due to star Teri Hatcher’s difficult pregnancy, leaving the eponymous pair with a baby mysteriously left on their doorstep.) Now Cain is apparently taking matters into his own hands, revealing on The Talk that he is working on “an idea” for a revival.

“We ended in a really weird spot, so we don’t know what’s going on,” said Cain, who wrote two episodes of the show during its original run. “We never got to finish it. You want to have an ending of some sort.”

He went on to tease some details of his concept: “I want them still together, they’ve got kids. Do they have babies now? How do they work that out? Do they have superpowers? I think they should,” Cain said. “And all the things you can teach them about using their super powers… I think it would be fun to explore.”

Executive producer Eugenie Ross-­Leming revealed the original plan for season 5 to EW in 2018. “If the show had gone on, we would have seen them figuring out how to raise this child, who would have aged rapidly. He would have become a teenager in months,” she said, adding that they “hadn’t figured out” whether the child would have superpowers. Hatcher also expressed openness to a revival at that time, noting, “Dean and I both still have really warm feelings about our whole experience on the show.”

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