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LOVE Island’s Anna’s head is already turned by Casa Amor boy Ovie – and it looks like they'll jump into bed together on the first night.

Although Anna, 28, is currently coupled up with Jordan, she questions "Jordan, who?" as she cracks on with the hunky basketball player.

Before Maura gets the text telling the girls they're heading to Casa Amor, Anna visits the Beach Hut to voice her concerns.

“I am so nervous about Jordan. Is he going to crack on with other girls? Should I be doing the same?" she asks.

She later ponders: “I think Casa Amor is a huge test for me and Jordan, this is the time where I’m going to find out whether he does really like me because he’s not very vocal about it."

But the pharmacists thought of model Jordan soon vanish once she sets eyes on Ovie, 28, who enters Casa Amor alongside Dennon, Dan, Marvin, Stevie and George.

There's an instant attraction from Anna, who excitedly reveals: “When the boys came out, the first thing that I thought was, 'Woah!' Ovie is so tall and handsome. Literally I was just starting at him. He is 28, 6 foot 7 and he’s just gorgeous. I’m really excited. Jordan who?”

Unbeknown to Anna, it looks like she's in luck, as Ovie admitted before entering the villa that she was his type.

"They are all gorgeous girls but Anna, I’ve been watching her from the beginning and she has consistently been on my radar," he said.

Later, Anna gets to know Ovie and they discuss his profession as a basketball player.

He tells her: “I’m at the height of my career at the moment but as I get older stuff changes, different stuff matters to you more… You are definitely my type on paper.”

The girls and boys in Casa Amor have to couple up and share beds on the first night – but viewers will have to watch and see if there's any bedroom action.

Jordan and Anna had a falling out on Wednesday in the aftermath of Yewande being booted from the villa by Danny recoupling with Arabella.

Ironically, Anna was upset with Danny for having his head turned by a new person 'so soon'.

Jordan called Anna "immature" but they kissed and made up – if only for a short time.

Meanwhile, whilst everyone is getting acquainted in Casa Amor, back at the main villa, six new bombshells are making their way to the main villa – Belle, Joanna, Jourdan, Lavena, Nabila and Maria.

Will Jordan's head be turned as easily as Anna's?

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