Does The Cast Of 'Stranger Things' Do Their Own Stunts?

Stranger Things definitely wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the constant action it brings.

From the characters fighting off monsters to always sneaking around and getting themselves in dangerous situations, the show isn’t lacking when it comes to stunts.

While many of us assumed the cast had stunt doubles doing a majority of their stunts, it turns out that some of them aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

Millie Bobby Brown had a stunt double due to a leg injury

When it comes to playing Eleven in the hit Netflix series, Millie Bobby Brown goes all out to fully embody her character.

Aside from shaving her head for Season 1, Brown is also the one behind a majority of Eleven’s stunts in the series.

On July 24, the actress took to Instagram to share a video of herself enduring an intense stunt that even made us a little lightheaded.

The video shows a behind-the-scenes shot of Millie Bobby Brown strapped up to harness as she goes around in circles midair.

The actress wrote in the caption, “u spin me right round baby right round ahhhh (threw up after this).”

While this most likely wasn’t the first stunt she’s done on the show, Millie Bobby Brown has had to have a stunt double stand in her place before.

In July 2018, the actress revealed on her Instagram that she had suffered from a knee injury and had to use crutches for a few weeks.

While it still isn’t clear how exactly she hurt herself, Brown was forced to use a stunt double while filming scenes for Season 3.

In the scene where Eleven and Max are riding bikes in the rain, Brown had a stunt double fill in for her.

Joe Keery recently revealed that he didn’t use a stunt double in Season 3 fight scene

Though some scenes are little more intense to film than others, Millie Bobby Brown isn’t the only one willing to take on those stunts head-on.

Seeing as though Joe Keery’s character, Steve Harrington, is prone to getting into fights every now and again, many of us can agree that we assumed he, especially, has a stunt double.

Though it isn’t clear if he had one when he went up against Billy Hargrove in Season 2, Keery recently revealed that his fight scene in Season 3 was all him.

While explaining the details behind filming the Russian lair scene alongside Gaten Matarazzo and Maya Hawke, Keery opened up about his fight scene with the Russian soldier.

As they watched the scene together, Joe Keery confirmed that that was, in fact, him fighting the soldier and Maya Hawke backed him up on that.

“No, he did this all himself. No stunt guy involved,” Hawke shares.

Gaten Matarazzo then asked how long did that scene take to choreograph which Keery answered, “We did it on the day, I’m pretty sure. That was a really fun day.”

When it comes to the rest of the cast members, we’re not too sure if they also use stunt doubles for scenes, but we can easily guess that they also take on action scenes head-on.

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