Gangs of London fans resort to subtitles as heavy cockney accents leave them baffled – The Sun

GANGS of London fans resorted to using subtitles after being unable to understand the drama's heavy cockney accents.

While the show has been very popular in the UK, those watching on Cinemax in the United States are struggling to understand the characters' strong dialects.

These viewers have been frantically searching for English subtitles and made their frustrations known on Twitter as one fan posted: "Why cant I find the Gangs of London subtitle file anywhere on the internet. British English so annoying."

Another fan moaned: "This is a very good show but we need subtitles, some of us can’t cope with the staunch British accent."

A third viewer tweeted: "Still looking for subtitles for Gangs of London so I can fully take in all the British slangs and enjoy it 110 per cent."

Whilst a fourth follower whinged: Really wanted to watch gangs of london right now, but without subtitles and the British accent its a no no from me."

Just last month, the Gangs of London team revealed some of the secrets behind the intense fight sequences.

Director Gareth Evans said: "Some of the action sequences we've done have been incredibly ambitious."

We pushed to explore the action in a way that didn't feel compromised."

The show's producers said the action sequences had never been seen in TV before.

Gareth explained he can pull off such incredible sequences because he shoots action differently to any other director.

Some viewers of the Sky Atlantic show even struggled to sleep after watching the show's horrific meat cleaver scene, which has given them flashbacks.

The new crime drama airs on Sky Atlantic and viewers were hooked by the show's high-octane violence and one-upmanship.

Fans admitted they would be "having nightmares" after watching a brutal fight scene, in which a man's throat was cut with a meat cleaver.

Already trudging through blood in his wellies after doing the awful job of dismembering someone in the bath, the unfortunate fella died by having his neck thrust on to the sharp edge of the kitchen utensil.

One fan said: "Gangs of London hooked after the first episode, it’s brutal though that meat cleaver fight had me winching", while another petrified fan asked: "I waited so long for Gangs of London and the first episode did not disappoint. Still having flashbacks of the meat cleaver scene."

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