Inside Coronation Street and EastEnders crossover show fans have forgotten about

Soap fans across the nation reveled in the ultimate telly mash-up when EastEnders and Coronation Street united for the first time in a crossover mini-episode for Children in Need.

TV history was made when Walford's residents hit the cobbles of Weatherfield and Rovers regulars turn up in Albert Square in the exclusive episode of East Street back in 2010.

Viewers will remember hunky Corrie builder Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) visiting the Queen Vic and getting served a pint by EastEnders' brassy landlady Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace).

They might be fierce rivals when it comes to ratings and awards, but fans put aside any rivalry for a good cause and soaked in the bizarre scenes.

Daily Star has taken a look back at the spin-off hit that made history in the world of British soaps.

Corner shops unite

Weatherfield shopkeeper Dev and Michelle took a holiday down to Albert Square in the hilarious one-off show.

Dev had a business meeting with his soap parallel Masood at the Minute Mart and the pair soon get into a heated discussion about being "seen as Asian stereotypes".

Michelle meanwhile bumped into Alfie, who it seems she knows from a previous holiday in Spain.

When Dev and Masood parted ways, Dev made a call saying the shop is perfect, while Masood made one saying Dev has fallen for his ruse.

Battle of woes

Corrie’s Gail found herself in a competition of who’s faced the most tragedy as she chatted to Enders' Denise at the cafe in Walford.

The hilarious exchange saw Denise explaining that her husband is in prison for murdering her ex-husband.

Gail then explained that her husband killed his ex-wife and their neighbour.

Denise added that her former spouse also killed his ex-wife, and then took her to the canal, while Gail told Denise how hers drove her and her family into a canal.

Denise fired back saying that her husband locked her in a basement, and Gail said it did not compare to being in prison.

The scene ended by EastEnders' Fatboy declaring Gail the winner of the tragic woes.

Queen Vic welcomes Rovers Return

Having already been wolf-whistled by Alfie, Michelle joined him to sing karaoke at the Queen Vic but is stopped by a jealous Kat, who told Michelle to get out of her pub.

Hunky Corrie builder Jason also visited the pub and got served a pint by Kat, who struggled to understand his accent, leaving Rover’s landlady Liz McDonald to serve him his pint.

Jason spotted Walford babe Whitney and shot her a look of love, while Kat lectured Liz about her skirt being too short after measuring it.

Liz and Kat begin discussing a charm on Liz’s bracelet that she kept when she gave up her daughter for adoption, explaining that she gave the other charm to the adoptive parents to give the child on her 18th birthday.

Kat showed Liz a matching charm and Kat insisted Liz is not her mother, but Liz is convinced that she is.

Walford heads north

Corrie's Sean, Eileen, Hayley and Sunita greeted Christian, Darren, Jane and Zainab upon their arrival in Weatherfield.

Sean flirted with Christian and invited him out clubbing, but Christian said he has a boyfriend who he loves, while Jodie was unable to walk on Coronation Street's cobbles in her high heels.

Later, Eileen invited Zainab over for tea, which she almost spat out when she discovered that Eileen has both a gay son and a gay lodger staying with her.

Sunita, Hayley and Jane then talked about life in their respective boroughs, saying that they are similar as nothing out of the ordinary ever happens, while Zainab and Sunita are also seen squabbling about their Indian heritage.

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