London Kills season 3 spoilers: Will Vivienne Cole return?

London Kills recently wrapped up broadcast on BBC iPlayer with viewers left on the edge of their seats by the high octane drama. Season two of London Kills is going to be airing in the US on July 15 but there’s no word yet on when the new series will be coming to UK screens. With season two set to be airing, some fans have also started to wonder about the future of the show and whether there will be a third season – and if so, who could be part of the cast.

Will Vivienne Cole return for London Kills season 3?

London Kills is a British drama commissioned for US audiences by streaming platform Acorn TV, which ordered two seasons off the bat.

Filming on seasons one and two took place back-to-back in the Capital in the summer of last year over the course of 11 weeks.

Police drama London Kills follows a group of officers taking on a fresh case in the city each week.

The show sees a quartet of detectives on the case in the form of Hugo Speer as DI David Bradford, Sharon Small as DS Vivienne Cole, Bailey Patrick as DC Rob Brady and Tori Allen-Martin as T.D.C. Billie Fitzgerald.

If London Kills does get the green light for season three, character Cole is highly likely to be back along with the rest of the team.

In an exclusive interview with, Sharon Small – who plays Cole – spoke about the future of the series.

On whether there would be another series, the 52-year-old Scottish actress said: “I don’t know, I think it’s going to depend on whether there’s a demand for it after season two goes out.

“So I guess [the broadcaster] will be hedging their bets at the moment. But it’s been received really well, I think – and lots of tweets. I guess it depends whether they love season two.

“But I’d like there to be. I had such fun working on this. I just loved the people I was working with.”

Reflecting on where season three could go, Small said: “We’re living in such a political climate at the moment, I don’t know, maybe some refugee stuff or anything we live with today.

“Or the way the country is so divided within families, that might be something interesting to see within families, something created out of that.”

She said the strength of stories was the key to London Kills’ success and she wanted to see more of the London backdrop incorporated into the show.

Smalll, whose other big credits include The Inspector Lynley Mysteries and Law & Order: UK, said she liked her character’s “cheek and confidence”.

“I like it when she’s thinking she knows everything and then it’s nice when she makes mistakes – or she’s really right or when she’s a bit cheeky. I like her cheek and her confidence because I’m not like that.”

She revealed that one of the biggest challenges of filming London Kills last year was trying to contend with the scorching temperatures in London during the 2018 heatwave.

The cast and crew had to shoot lengthy interrogation scenes in often stuffy rooms with the show trying to create a cold, gritty aesthetic to match the subject matter. “When you’re really hot, you forget your lines quite a lot,” she admitted.

Small’s running skills also put her in good stead after one of the other cast members was unable to do chase scene and the actress stepped in.

“The director found out that I could run fairly fast for my age. Someone else was supposed to run but they got injured, so he asked me if I could do it. I then go landed with quite a lot of running scenes,” she quipped.

London Kills is available now on DVD and Digital

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