Loose Women’s Linda Robson freezes in horror after swearing live on the show – The Sun

LOOSE Women’s Linda Robson swore live on the show and the panelist couldn’t hide her horror at the gaff.

The 62-year-old was busy discussing her "blabbermouth friends" when she hilariously let slip the swear word on TV.

Luckily for her, because of the delay, producers managed to censor the naughty word just in time.

As soon as she said it, she quickly shouted: "Bleep that out".

It didn’t stop her co-stars in the studio, Stacey Solomon and Christine Lampard, dissolving into fits of giggles as they couldn't believe Linda's swearing slip-up.

Viewers of the show were in hysterics at the expletive and rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One wrote: “Dying at Linda” followed by four laughing emojis.

A second added: “Bless you Nannie Linda, we all slip out with a Beep word every now and again.”

While a third laughed: "Linda swearing is the highlight of my day @LindaRobson58 thank you for that moment."

And another penned: "Omg Nanny Linda just swore, that made my day. I knew that would happen. It's like me.”

On yesterday's show it was Stacey's turn to be embarrassed after she accidentally 'offended' Christine by suggesting she had the sort of face that suited a mask.

The awkward moment came when the 41-year-old host popped on a face-covering during a discussion about the rise of fashionable masks.

As she turned around with just her eyes visible, Stacey told her: "It suits you. You've got a mask face."

Taking it off she replied: "I've got a mask face? Thank you… yeah I do, funnily enough."

Then, fixing it back onto her face, Christine added: "I couldn't agree more. I very much like wearing my mask."

Trying to dig herself out of the hole, Stacey told her: "You've got a good shaped head. Mine looks really funny on me, honestly, I'm not joking.

"I've got a small head and it almost covers my eyes. So you're really lucky."

But Christine replied: "No, I've got a big head. It really works for me."

Realising she'd put her foot in it again, Stacey sighed: "This is getting worse."

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