Love Island 2019: ‘I don’t understand?’ Viewers spot huge show change

Love Island 2019 fans only have three more weeks of the reality dating show, in which they will crown one couple the series winner. 

However, many of the viewers have noticed a big change to the show and how the Hideaway has had no air time. 

The ITV2’s love den, where couples can enjoy alone time has only been used once this series by Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart, way back on day eight. 

Some will remember that awkward moment when Maura Higgins was given the opportunity to take Tom Walker into the romantic room, but because of a comment he made, she decided against it. 

Since then, no Islander has received a text to say the Hideaway is open for them. 

Taking to Twitter to discuss the room’s mysterious absence, one said: “Dear @LoveIsland why has no one been in the hideaway? Sincerely everyone #loveisland #itv.” 

“I really don’t understand how there is only 3 weeks left of @LoveIsland and yet the hideaway has only been used once?!” someone else commented. 

A third wrote: “Did they lose the keys to the hideaway or something? #LoveIsland.” 

“Have the love island producers just forgotten about the hideaway??? It’s only been used twice so far, Molly-Mae’s arrival and Amy and Curtis??? #LoveIsland,” another viewer added. 

“@LoveIsland have u just cancelled the hideaway this season?” One fan asked. 

Read More: Love Island 2019: When is the final? What is the prize money? contacted ITV to find out why some of the Islanders have not been given the opportunity to visit the Hideaway, but they declined to comment. 

Meanwhile, last night’s episode ended on a cliffhanger; a recoupling was looming and the power was in the girls’ hands. 

Fans tuned in to see newcomers Francesca Allen and Chris Taylor enter the villa and immediately put feelers about who they were interested in ‘getting to know’. 

It wasn’t long before Anna Vakili was making a claim for Chris to be interested in Amber Gill, but fans were surprised when the Geordie broke down in tears around the fire pit and told the girls how she still liked Michael Griffiths. 

Depending on the order of the recoupling, if Amber gets to choose before Joanna Chimonides, will she take a risk and pick Michael? 

Did they lose the keys to the hideaway or something?

Twitter user.

Elsewhere in the show, Maura Higgins is faced with a choice after her slowly-building romance with Curtis Pritchard.

She has had a turbulent ride while being in the villa, having coupled up with several men, trying to find the right connection. 

But following Amy’s decision to leave the villa after being heartbroken by Curtis’ dumping, Maura has decided to pursue the Ballroom and Latin dancer. 

Will Curtis be pleased to be coupled up with Maura? 

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV.

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