Mark Wright slams online trolls who criticise his and wife Michelle Keegan's buff bodies

MARK Wright has slammed online trolls who criticise his and wife Michelle Keegan's buff bodies.

The former Towie star regularly shares snaps on social media of his six pack after an intense gym work out.

Wife Michelle, 32, also makes sure she's in tip top shape, showing off the results of her hard work in bikini pictures on her own social media pages.

But Mark, also 32, has revealed the couple are trolled online for their posts, and abused for being so buff.

Speaking on the Girls No Filter podcast which is hosted by his sister Jess, Mark said: "I posted a picture of us last week and underneath in the comments one of them said, 'Michelle, you need to eat'.

"But she does eat. I see her eat. She works bloody hard to get that body. I see her at the gym running and sweating, so people haven't got the right to say that."

Mark also comes under fire from trolls who claim he mustn't eat enough to achieve his ripped physique.

He continued: "I have to defend myself. I'll post a picture with my top off and someone will say, 'Eat some food'.

"Nobody should look down on anybody in this world who wants to train, be slim and look good.

"I'd rather walk around and people say, 'He's obsessed, he only eats salad leaves, he's always in the gym', which is true."

While Mark is motivated in the gym, his wife recently revealed he is "lazy" around the house.

When asked if her spouse was "getting under" her feet after moving back from LA earlier this year, Michelle told Heart FM: "I’ve had to sort of retrain him around the house again.

"He sorta got a bit lazy when he got back. But he’s alright, he’s alright."

Presenter Lucy Horobin then went on to probe the actress on whether Mark leaves his underwear on the floor.

She replied: "Yes! He just steps out of them and leaves them and gets in to bed."

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