'Money Heist' Season 4: Here's What Fans Want To See

As the buzz for Stranger Things 3 slowly eases up, other Netflix shows are taking their turn in the binge cycle. La Casa de Papel, aka Money Heist, returned to the platform July 19. If you sailed through all three seasons of the show, then you know there are some new faces on the team as well as a cascade of new threats heading into part four.

When part three began, paradise was found, but it was short-livedthanks to the irresponsibility of a particular couple. Fans sat through a highstakes eight-episode run that ended in blood, explosions, and one of the groupmembers being captured. Last month, Spanish newspaper elPeriódicoconfirmed that La Casa de Papel was renewed for part four. With the newsthat Money Heist is already filming, fans have their own ideas aboutwhat they want to see happen in the next installment. (Spoilers ahead)

Nairobi’s Survival

Aye, Nairobi! Alba Flores’s Nairobi was shot by a military sniperin the finale episode. Among the new characters introduced this season was theformidable government agent, Alicia Sierra. Played by Najwa Nimri, Sierra is ruthless,cunning, and smart, and gave the thieves a run for their money.

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However, her cruelty was boundless when she marched Nairobi’s son outside of the Bank of Spain’s front lawn to taunt her about her parenting skills and criminal wrongdoings. Nairobi was suckered into taking the bait, much to the dismay of fans. Sierra gave the signal, and Nairobi was shot while standing in the window, leading the rest of the crew to scramble in those final scenes to try and save her. Blood was on the floor and coming out of her mouth, but do her closed eyes mean she’s dead or just passed out?

Another successful escape, please

Cornered and armed with rocket launchers, the gang is stuck insidethe bank with little leverage for negotiation. The red boxes are moot (or arethey?). Cops are dead. Lisbon (Raquel) has been compromised. The Professor isunhinged. And one of their own is bleeding out. The public’s sympathy isquestionable at this point. What are their options?

Fans don’t know how the team will make it out alive in part four, but we shouldn’t be surprised if Professor has some V for Vendetta-style backup plan. Or five. Ideally, everyone will be able to escape and reunite at some point. As pointed out by Variety, relationship drama, gender politics, and organizational issues could affect their efforts.

A comeuppance for several characters

While Sierra has proven herself to be the perfect antagonist in Money Heist, it’s possible that her tricks will at some point lead to her undoing. Something tells us that even if she went into labor in the command tent, she’d find a way to stay on the job. She’s pissed off the Professor—who doesn’t realize he’s been fooled into believing Raquel is dead—and is now at the top of his war hitlist. We’ve never seen him unravel like this before, so there’s no telling how things will end for Sierra as the person who’s greenlighting the use of shady tactics.

Fans want to see the Money Heist robbers win, but let’snot pretend Tokyo is not a problem. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:She’s bratty and impulsive. Tokyo either needs to grow up and get it togetheror face some consequences for her ocean of bad choices.

Another person who needs to learn a few more lessons isArturo. He’s still committed to being a full-time jerk with fake courage, andpart three ends with him inside the bank. His arrogance toward Stockholm—his formersecretary-mistress and now mother of his child—should almost guarantee him somesort of whipping in part four.

While it’s true that the next part is in production, no detailson possible release dates have been shared. Until part four of Money Heisthits Netflix, fans can continue to post their thoughts, theories, andexpectations online.

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