Supermarket Sweep insists waste is sent to food banks amid criticism

Supermarket Sweep returned to TV screens on Monday with Rylan Clark-Neal helping one lucky pair to race around the aisles and fill their trollies with products.

It was overwhelmingly praised by viewers for a return to fun TV on an evening.

but many were concerned by the potential for product waste, particularly as large parts of the country continue to rely on food banks.

‘Seriously disgusted by the waste of food in it like with the fruit all over the floor…it’s ridiculous – sure that could go to to help feed the homeless or something,’ shared one viewer, adding: ‘And the show could use fake products.’

‘Can’t accept the shameful waste of those grapes. What happens to that fruit? Won’t watch again if this is the way of things,’ said an unhappy viewer, as another said: ‘That fresh food waste is making me uncomfortable.’

However, host, Rylan had previously revealed that the show was keen to make it clear that ‘every few days we donate all the food to food banks’.

‘For TV purposes we want it to be looking pristine but there are still three, four, five weeks on that fresh produce so we donate it,’ he said on This Morning.

‘All the food is real, we replenish it every three or four days and all of the products that are perishable but still best before they don’t go to waste.’

Supermarket Sweeps airs on Mondays at 8pm in ITV2.

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