'Teen Mom 2': Nathan Griffith Is Thrilled That Jenelle Evans Has Fled 'The Land'

There was no love lost between JenelleEvans and Nathan Griffith in recent years. The former couple has battledover custody of their son, Kaiser, 5, for years, but everything came to a headwhen Evans married DavidEason.  Now that Evans has announcedshe’s divorcing Eason, things seem to be getting a bit better, and Griffith allegedlyhas nothing but positive things to say about Evans and her decision to divorceEason.

Nathan Griffith will allegedly drop his bid for primarycustody of Kaiser

Griffith and Evans have been embroiledin a custody battle for well over a year. Griffith was briefly grantedcustody of the five-year-old when he, along with his half-sister and stepsister,were removed from Evans and Eason’s care. Thethree children were returned to the couple on July 3. When custody was transferredback to Evans’, Griffith picked up his previous legal battle. It looks likethat could all be in the past, as long as Evans keeps the former couple’s sonaway from Eason.

Accordingto TMZ, Griffith is thrilled that Evans has left Eason and feelslike he can breath easier now. An alleged inside source claims that Griffithbelieves Evans is a good mother, and that his bid for custody was really aboutkeeping his son away from Eason. Now that Eason is out of the picture, Griffithis allegedly hoping his co-parenting relationship with Evans improves.

Jenelle was granted an order of protection

Evans took to social media to announce her split but hasgone radio silent since. While it’s hard to pinpoint her current location, fansare aware that she’s fled the property that she and Eason once dubbed “TheLand.” It is believed she is currently out of state, but that didn’t stopher from getting an order of protection.

In a lengthy filing, Evans outlined the abuse she and herchildren suffered at the hands of Eason. In one instance, Evans alleges thatEason locked Kaiser in a vehicle, and refused to let him out. The legal filingalso referenced the death of Nugget as evidence of Eason’s violent and unstablebehavior.  Evanshas also called 911 multiple times alleging abuse at the hands of Eason. Inone incident, she told a 911 operator that Eason had a gun.

Eason was ordered to stay away from Evans and to refrainfrom speaking about her on social media. Before the issuing of the order, Easondid make comments regarding Evans on social media. He has since deleted the posts.The order also protects Evans’ minor children. It is not known where Eason’s daughterfrom a previous marriage is currently staying. Maryssa, 11, as everyone mayremember, testified in court that she was instructedto lie to CPS if they ever showed up at the property.

Will Evans land back on Teen Mom 2?

Reports have surfaced in recent days that Evans is attemptingto get back her job with MTV. Before announcing her separation, Evans traveledto New York with her lawyer. The reason for the visit is unknown, but many peoplebelieve shemay have been meeting with MTV executives to discuss returning to the show.Eason was allegedly infuriated by the trip.

While MTVcut ties with Evans, it appears as though they did so because of Eason. IfEason is really out of the picture, production crews may give the mother ofthree another chance. Teen Mom 2 ratings were better with Evans on theshow. If Evans returns its likely her mother, BarbaraEvans, will also return to filming. The elder Evans has been a fan favoritefor more than a decade.

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