Who is the Richest 'Southern Charm' Cast Member of All the Franchises?

The Southern Charm franchise is a display of opulence and grandeur with a heavy dose of drama.

Cameras follow the daily lives of wealthy southern cast members from Charleston, New Orleans, and Savannah. Many cast members come from historic, wealthy families from their area. But the franchise does a great job of integrating up and coming professionals too.

Most of the cast members have a significant net worth, but some cast members are extremely wealthy. Who is the richest cast member out of all the franchises?

Cast members make bank in all three franchises

Several of the Southern Charm New Orleans cast members are making bank. Barry Smith and Tamica Lee are the total power couple in the area. Lee is a local entertainment reporter and Smith owns FUEL Center of Fitness, which is in growth mode. The show also features professional football player Jeff Charleston. Charleston’s football salary likely netted him a decent windfall from his football career and endorsements.

Southern Charm Savannah is still hanging in the balance as to whether the show will return or not. But if the show does not return, most of the cast won’t have to worry about finances. Cast members like Daniel Eichholz and Lyle Mackenzie have steady, well-paying jobs. Meanwhile, Louis Oswald’s sock business appears to be taking off.

But as of now, the true old money (big money) remains rooted in the Charleston show. Several cast members report net worth into the millions of dollars. Of course, though one cast member is set apart from the rest.

She’s the matriarch of the series

Without a doubt, Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm (Charleston) leads the pack with the highest net worth. Altschul is worth a reported $20 million, which she amassed through the years. She had a childhood filled with education and guidance from her parents. “I grew up in Richmond, Virginia and had a charmed childhood not unlike Leave it to Beaver or Happy Days,” she told Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “I loved to ride my bicycle, play tennis, swim, and go horseback riding.”

Altschul attended both private and boarding school before attending George Washington University. She graduated cum laude, ultimately earned a double masters degree and became a professor at age 28.

She had a series of marriages and was widowed. Altschul’s third husband Arthur died in 1996 and she hasn’t remarried since. She hinted that she was engaged last year but plans appear to be on hold.

Altschul continues to work

Despite being in her seventies, Altschul shows no sign of slowing down. She regularly appears on Southern Charm, plus she has her own textile and clothing line. She recently partnered with Craig Conover on pillow designs, plus continues to offer custom caftans (and more) through Patricia’s Couture.

Altschul also showed the audience that she likes to save money when she can. She and butler Michael made a trip to McDonald’s during a recent episode where she still ate her meal in style. Altschul also can’t resist Popeye’s Chicken too. She admitted fried chicken from the fast food chain is another “must have.”

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