Caroline Flack defends Love Island’s Anna after James Jordan brands her ‘nasty’

Love Island host Caroline Flack came to the defence of star Anna Vakili after she was branded a "nasty piece of work".

Caroline lashed out at former Strictly Come Dancing pro James Jordan after he publicly slammed Anna over her argument with Michael Griffiths.

On last night's show, Anna was seen sticking up for her friend Amber Gill after she was left heartbroken by Michael's decision to recouple with new girl Joanna Chimonides while she was off in Casa Amor.

As Amber broke down in tears, Anna pulled Michael to one side to ask him about what he'd done and why he'd done it.

While many felt Anna was right to have her mate's back, some felt she was being hypocritical as she'd just dumped Jordan Hames for new boy Ovie Soko.

One person who didn't approve of her actions was James Jordan, who took to Twitter to say: "Anna is one nasty piece of work. At least the mean girls don't have so much power in the @LoveIsland Villa anymore.


"It is what it is."

Caroline quickly jumped in to defend the Islander, saying: "She's not nasty."

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"That's how she comes across babe," James reponded.

But Caroline told him: "It's an extreme statement .. for her to come out and see … were better than that"

James then said: "But I also remember the way he was also nasty to Danny …. only commenting on what I see.

"I'm not that keen, sorry"

Caroline ended the discussion by saying: "I like to protect my islanders .. Love you tho as always"

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