Corey Seager's Fiancee Rocks Tiny Swimsuit W/ His Face On It, MVP Cakes!

Need another reason to be envious of World Series MVP Corey Seager?? Well, here ya go …

The L.A. Dodgers superstar’s fiancee, Madisyn Van Ham, loves him SO MUCH … she got a tiny swimsuit with pics of his face all over it!!!

And, to make sure everyone knows what a lucky guy Seager is … she shared a photo of it for all to enjoy!!!

“All the 😍 for my soon to be hubby 💍,” Van Ham wrote of the suit.

The two have been dating for about 5 years now … and just got engaged back in December 2019.

They post about each other often … and Van Ham was even with the shortstop while he was dominating for the Dodgers in the postseason down in Texas last month.

In fact, she got a pic with L.A.’s NLCS trophy right after Seager and the Dodgers moved on to the World Series … and she hilariously captioned it, “What’s yours is mine, right babe?!”

And, as if the two weren’t adorable enough … they also own the cutest dog ever — a Toy Australian Shepherd named Hazel Grey!!!

Yeah … some guys just have it all, man. Congrats Corey!

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