Yellowpop Launches Dazzling Keith Haring Neon Sign Collection

The art that once animated the subways of New York will now be translated to neon signs as Yellowpop joins forces with the Keith Haring Foundation in a special collaboration.

From the barking dog to his ubiquitous glowing heart, the LED collection will take on the symbolic shapes and graffiti designs from the late artist’s work. The eight-piece array by the homeware design brand aims to echo Haring’s values on democratic creativity by bringing his street art into the home. Marking the first collaboration with Yellowpop in an effort to expand Haring‘s legacy, Gil Vazquez, the foundation’s director, adds “different mediums helped [Haring’s] art resonate with a broader group of people”.

To celebrate the collection launch, Yellowpop will exhibit the full line up of neon lights in an illuminating pop-up experience in Soho, NYC. The activation will be on show from October 14 all the way through to the Christmas season, giving New Yorkers a chance to customize their own signs while getting into the holiday spirit.

Take a look at a selection of the neon signs in the gallery above.

The Yellowpop x Keith Haring collection is available to buy on Yellowpop’s online store with prices starting at $290 USD.

Yellowpop x Keith Haring Pop-Up
33 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012

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