Horrified shoppers spot mouse scurrying over toys in The Entertainer

Disturbing footage shows a mouse scuttling around children's toys in a window display in Coventry.

The cheeky rodent had taken up a temporary home inside The Entertainer store in the city's Lower Precinct Shopping Centre.

The clip showed how the mouse was seen climbing across boxes, dolls and even a large, cuddly dinosaur.

Horrified shoppers stopped to watch the mouse in action and took photos of the incident, reports Coventry Live.

Some expressed health concerns about the mouse being inside the store.

But staff told them that the situation was under control and the store will now undergo a "full survey" by a pest control specialist.

A spokesman for The Entertainer said: “We’d like to reassure our customers that we are working closely with the management team at Lower Precinct to investigate the issue and a full survey by a local pest control specialist is taking place.

"We will act swiftly upon their recommendations to resolve this issue.”

Last week, a grandmother expressed her horror after noticing a large rat scurrying around a Tesco supermarket.

Danielle Westbrook, 46, dumped her basket and ran out of the shop after spotting the rodent.

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