Miley Cyrus ‘Needs To Heal’ After Liam & Kaitlynn Breakups, But Her Feelings Over Splits Are ‘Different’

Miley Cyrus seemed to have found a kindred spirit in Kaitlynn Carter after her split from Liam — but was it too much too soon? Turns out, Miley and Kaitlynn were in very different places after their respective splits from Liam and Brody.

There’s nothing like heartbreak — and Miley Cyrus, 26, ultimately decided to mend her heart from her first breakup up this year, rather then move forward with her romance with Kaitlynn Carter, 31. While both women were clearly on the rebound when they got together, it sounds like Kaitlynn was in a much better place emotionally after her split with Brody Jenner then Miley was after her very public split from Liam Hemsworth, 29. In fact, even now, Miley is still coming to terms with the end of her marriage. “She’s taking the breakup to Liam much harder than Kaitlynn is to Brody, so her feelings and emotions are different,” a source shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “Kaitlynn wasn’t even legally married to Brody, since they never filed the proper paperwork. Their breakups with their male partners have been totally different. Miley really needs time to heal.”

And time she’ll now have, as Miley and Kaitlynn split after a month of intense dating on Sept. 21. The pair were by all accounts going steady, after they were caught canoodling together just prior to Miley confirming that she and Liam were ending their marriage of eight months. From there, they were inseparable which left their close friends shocked over the breakup, despite having gotten together so quickly after their other splits. “They seemed to be getting serious as well, so any break up is really shocking to hear between these two and had to have been recent,” a source previously shared with HollywoodLife

As more details came to light about Miley and Liam’s split, it seemed as if Miley was really starting to lean heavily on Kaitlynn. The pair were even thought to be moving in together in the Hidden Hills neighborhood of LA early in September, after showing off some PDA at the Soho House while out on a date. The pair kept the good times going into the week following at New York Fashion Week, but that seemed to be the end, as the romance fizzled out from there. Both have put on brave faces since the split though: Kaitlynn made an appearance at a taping of Dancing with the Stars on Sept. 23, while Miley strutted her stuff at the iHeart Radio Music Festival on Sept. 21.

Still, it remains to be seen how Miley will continue to address her feelings and focus on healing after her split from Liam. Liam officially filed for divorce from Miley on Aug. 21 citing “irreconcilable differences,” and immediately following the heartbreaking news, Miley put her emotions into her music with the single “Slide Away.” The ballad became an introspective look into Miley’s personal pain, crooning about her relationship falling apart, and leaving a hard-partying lifestyle and her former husband in her past. Perhaps there needs to be more of this before she can truly move on.

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